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Newport Aquarium Uses Net2 to Replace Traditional Locks & Keys

Newport Aquarium is home to thousands of the world’s most exotic aquatic creatures, including playful penguins, rare white alligators, and smiling sharks and stingrays.

To keep the animals, visitors, and staff safe, Newport Aquarium wanted to replace their old security system with an easy-to-use and high-security access control solution. Sec-Tron, an experienced access control integrator, recommended Paxton’s flagship access control system Net2 to provide a simple and scalable security solution.

Net2 is an advanced PC-based access control system that offers centralised administration. It is also designed to easily integrate with other access control systems, so site managers can enjoy more streamlined security for their building.


The whole aquarium is surrounded by pipes and tanks, some full of chemicals. They really needed access control at each area containing dangerous infrastructure to make sure only experienced employees could gain access and prohibiting visitors from accessing those sensitive areas.”

The IT team at Newport Aquarium also wanted a system that utilised access cards, allowing them to customise employee ID cards as access cards and increasing access convenience.

David Fortunato, Senior Regional IT Manager at the Newport Aquarium, said: “Most of our doors used locks and keys, and some had swipe card readers. At the aquarium we have a lot of doors and a lot of employees who need to carry equipment up and down stairs, so looking for keys in front of a door is not ideal.

“We really wanted to have one system on our exterior and critical safety doors, and also make access convenient for our employees.”

When sourcing a security system, the Newport Aquarium needed durable hardware because of its unique environment.

David explains: “Even though the products are installed and secured in cases and locked rooms, being an aquarium, we have heavy amounts of moisture and salt in the air. It can chew up the products.”

Type of site:

Leisure – Aquarium

Number of users/doors:

  • 500 to 800 users depending on time of the year
  • 53 doors 


  • Net2 software
  • Net2 door controllers 


  • Use employee IDs as access cards to replace traditional keys
  • Easy programming of varying user access
  • Durable security hardware to fit the site’s environment
  • Potential to integrate with other security systems and products


  • Tailored access control privilege groups with employee IDs
  • Separate visitor and employee areas for high security
  • Scalable solution for future expansion


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